At Vorisek Financial, we believe that a sound financial plan, when properly executed, can lead to success and prosperity in many areas of one’s life. This belief runs deep within our company culture and influences many aspects of our business, and we take great comfort in knowing that we’ve played a part in helping hundreds of people find success and prosperity through the planning process. That’s why this holiday season we are excited to offer you, our clients and friends of the firm, the opportunity to give that same the gift of financial clarity to those that you care about.

For the next 60 days, Vorisek Financial has reserved 50 financial planning “labs” with myMoneyGuide®, a web-based financial planning service that allows individuals to create their own personalized financial plan in the privacy of their own home. This guided service is a great starting point for individuals new to the planning process. 

 Details about the program can be obtained by emailing Josh Dandurand at jdandurand@vorfin.com, but things that will be accomplished in a myMoneyGuide workshop are… 

  • Identification and prioritization of financial goals

  • Creation of a personalized financial plan

  • Suggested steps to ensure resources are being deployed efficiently

  • Action plan to prepare for risks that can negatively impact one’s plan 

* Please note - This is a unique program that we are excited to share with you. However, if you have already done financial planning work with us you may find this exercise to be repetitive, as this program is intended to be utilized by individuals new to the planning process. If you are unsure if this program is for you, would like more information or have specific questions about the program or financial planning work with our firm, please contact Josh Dandurand at jdandurand@vorfin.com.