Volunteering at Cha Animal Shelter - Erica Thomas

My passion for animals has led me to a wonderful shelter in Westerville for a volunteering opportunity.

I feel fortunate to have found a fantastic organization that not only takes pride in unconditionally loving animals, but also sees the importance of providing education, and support to the community about pet ownership.

During my volunteer time, I specifically work with dogs. The typical shift may include walking, feeding, cleaning out cages, laundry, play time, and teaching behavioral manners. The time spent with the animals is so invaluable. It’s very rewarding for me personally, and I do my best to make every interaction special for them.

Some of these beautiful creatures have experienced unimaginable abuse, hurt, and neglect. Being around some of the dogs that have dealt with such circumstances, solidifies that they truly have feelings just the same as humans. The warmth that fills your heart as your able to regain a dog’s trust by showing a gentle kind nature is amazing! Knowing that your contributing to helping in their recovery to become adoptable is the best part!

Something that really stood out to me when I was looking for a shelter to volunteer at, is that Cha truly takes pride in finding the perfect fit between their animals and family’s adopting them.

As I strive to make a positive impact in animals lives, I believe being a volunteer at Cha is one of the very best places to do so.