So… What’s “Driving” Your Life? - Eric Shearer, CFP®

Over my working years, I’ve developed a rather unique theory – perhaps rightfully or wrongfully – about adult human behavior. I’m sure you’ll laugh at first… but dig down deep and give my theory some serious thought. I may actually surprise you. Then again, I may just convince you that I’m crazy. In either case… here’s my theory: 

An individual’s true personal character is revealed by the manner in which they drive their car.

Now… don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of bad drivers out there (and you might just be one of them!). But please understand – I’m not referring to your ability to parallel-park or to navigate today’s modern roundabouts.

What I am referring to is this… How do you treat others when you believe there will be zero consequences for your actions?

Still think I’m crazy?

Well… I might be… but think about it…

When someone “cuts” someone off, or flips someone the “bird”, or rides someone’s “tail” out of road-rage… they do so because there’s this underlying belief that they can simply “get away” with it… or that “no one will ever know it was me”. If someone needs “let in” because of a traffic jam, do you “let them in”, or do you speed ahead to the next bumper so that someone else behind you has to be courteous instead? In a car, people think they can get away with things and no one will ever know it was them!!!

Compare this to walking into a busy building. People are much more likely to hold the door open and “let them in” because this interaction is much more personal. There’s a belief that “this person might actually know who I am… so I’d better be nice, or I might face adverse consequences”.

So… ask yourself… what “drives” your life?

Do you consistently behave in a courteous, respectful manner to others even when you don’t stand to benefit? Or do you only behave kindly to others when it’s possible you’ll get positive credit or recognition for your actions?

If you ask me, the way you drive your car may just reveal what’s truly “driving” your life!