Planning - Phil Lovegrove

“Most people don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.” – John L. Beckley

If you are like me, you are probably asking yourself, “Where did 2016 go?”  If you are a planner by nature, you are probably already envisioning goals for 2017.  Maybe you’d like to lose a few pounds.  Perhaps you’d like to get more involved in your community.  For those of you who are really on your game, you may have written out these 2017 goals, whether personal, professional, or spiritual; you may have even put together a written action plan to bring those goals to fruition. 

Some of you may hate planning, or have the best intentions to put a plan in place, but it just never quite comes together.

“Before you build a masterpiece you must design it. It’s the same way with life, you know. Too many people go through life living by chance, but when you live by design and know the life you want to create, you are able to create a masterpiece instead of a piece of junk.”
Jon Gordon, The Carpenter: A Story About the Greatest Success Strategies of All

At Vorisek, we believe planning is essential to success.  I’d like to encourage you to spend some time setting some financial goals for the new year, too.  We, as a team here at Vorisek Financial, are here to help.

All our best to you and your family,

Phil Lovegrove