Vision - Tom Vorisek

Vision. A Vision. A goal, strategy, plan or dream. In life, we hope to both develop and act on our visions. One could argue that a fundamental part of leadership is the striving to form and act on a worthwhile vision.

That said, we at Vorisek Financial had a plan that took shape four years ago to rebuild our firm after splitting from our long term partner, Maxwell Financial Management. We knew it would take time and perseverance to add the needed members and resources to build the top tier financial planning firm of our vision.

Here we are four years later and our vision has been realized. We have added the final pieces to form a total team of 10 individuals, filling a variety of roles. The sum total of everyone on the teams is to produce a complete full service planning firm rooted in a common goal of client service. We are now positioned to move our firm and clients forward to the next decade.

Perhaps nothing is quite as exciting as the fulfillment of a worthwhile vison.